Sherry Apple Pork Chops


Welcome to my blog!  As you can see from my little tagline up there, I plan to review recipes that I make, and restaurants that I go to.  Don’t worry, I will always either include the full recipe, or a link to the recipe so you can try it out for yourself!

To start with, I made Sherry Apple Pork Chops last night.  I got this recipe from, so I was able to read some reviews from others who made it, and I am so glad I did.  I was able to make some changes to the recipe that I think made it a lot better.

First, I did my mise-en-place (Thank you Worst Cooks).  So I peeled and sliced my apples and put them in the pan.  I covered the pan with some cling-wrap to help stop the apples from browning while I worked with the pork.  I seasoned my pork on both sides with some salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and then seared it on both sides in the bacon fat.  I let the pork rest in the pan while I added my seasonings (brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter) to the apples.  I also crumbled the bacon I cooked earlier and added it to the apples.

Then it was just a matter of placing the pork on top of everything and pouring the sherry over everything.  I didn’t have a lid for the pan I used, so I just used some aluminum foil (foooiilll) to cover the pan.  Baked the whole thing for half an hour at 350F.  Turned out freaking delicious.  I had meant to pick up some stuffing or make some mashed potatoes to go with it, but I didn’t get to it/forgot.  Oh well, I had some leftover soup that I had made the other day so I paired it with that and a nice glass of wine!  Dinner was served!

You can find the recipe for this dish here.



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